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Elevated, custom-built heat exchanger for advanced thermal energy storage system

A thermal energy storage company needed a radically smaller heat exchanger for its thermal energy storage system with challenging requirements. HRI built the solution.

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Full customization achieved the required size, shape, performance and positioning.

A thermal energy storage company’s system called for a heat exchanger that could do it all: recover 760KW of continuous thermal energy and handle extreme heat with minimal pressure drop, and fit unique configurations in both size and installation. The heat exchanger had to be far under traditional size constraints, and mounted 15 feet above the client’s power generation equipment on a specially built support frame.

Project Specifications

1650ºF / 900ºC Design temperature

75% smaller than standard shell and tube heat exchanger

60 psi

Gas to gas

The Solution

HRI provided guidance as well as innovations when it came to the client’s thermal energy storage system.

HRI went to the drawing board to meet the complex specifications of this thermal energy storage company’s system. It created a fin-tube heat exchanger design to handle the extreme temperature and pressure requirements. The unit was internally insulated, including an expansion joint within the heat exchanger case to account for thermal growth. The heat exchanger hot zone was created from 253MA and 310SS with a 304SS outer pressure boundary. In comparison to the heat exchanger’s small footprint, traditional shell and tube heat exchangers are 4X larger.

Each individual heat exchanger tube was tested to ensure it met performance requirements before being installed and welded to the full assembly. The entire heat exchanger was pressure tested prior to shipment to ensure leak-proof performance.

  • Creative problem solving for a custom solution.
  • Hot zone of 253MA and 310SS, outer pressure boundary of 304SS.
  • 75% smaller than standard heat exchangers.
  • Fin-tube construction with internal insulation and thermal expansion joint.
  • Individual testing of each tube before full construction and installation.

The Results

HRI’s successful design and guidance gave the client the impetus to make further refinements for improved performance.

HRI’s heat exchanger was installed in the client’s pilot plant, used to demonstrate the company’s thermal energy storage and power generation technology.

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The Future

The client ordered a second heat exchanger from HRI with a new flange arrangement, allowing the unit to be mounted on the ground instead of at elevation.

HRI’s active collaboration with the client enabled the thermal energy storage team to continue mapping out new iterations, further improving the technology.

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