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In even the most complex applications, our best-in-class technology and differentiated solutions improve heat transfer to:

Decrease Energy Waste
Lower Fuel Consumption
Save Time + Money
Reduce Carbon Emissions

Craft Your Custom Solution

HRI Technology Solutions

Our high-temperature heat exchanger technology is adaptable to a wide range of applications and operating parameters

Withstands extremely high temperatures and pressures
600 °C+
Smaller than traditional heat exchangers typically
0 -50%
Custom for your requirements, no compromises
0 %
Customize Without Compromise

Heat Exchangers aren’t a new commodity; they’ve been around since the 1800’s. But the off-the-shelf technology in typical heat exchanger designs will always be a compromise because they’re not purpose built for your application.

As experts in power generation, heat transfer, and packaging, we’ve taken this trusted device and worked our magic to deliver a 100% customized solution that is truly groundbreaking.

HRI traditional tech vs HRI technology chart

You won’t find better results anywhere.

We have improved upon the traditional technology used by heat exchangers to yield peak performance in high temperature, high pressure, low pressure drop, effectiveness, customization, and economic value.


Plate Fin
Heat Exchanger

Efficiency and effectiveness without compromise


Fin Tube
Heat Exchanger

Built to provide the highest level of heat recovery at high pressure


Heat Exchanger

Designed to outlast the highest temperatures and pressures


Fin Shell
Heat Exchanger

Increased surface area for enhanced heat transfer


Primary Surface
Heat Exchanger

Efficiency and versatility without the fin


We closely collaborate with our customers to create cutting-edge heat exchanger designs that solve your unique problems.

Whether you’re looking to improve efficiency, create a product that’s more compact or one that yields greater performance, we listen to you and design to meet your objectives. Whatever the deliverable, you can be confident the end result is greater than other market alternatives.

Powering the energy transition with waste heat recovery

Energy efficiency can deliver 35% of the cumulative CO2 savings required by 2050.


The energy transition has reduced carbon energy as the world seeks to keep up with the growing push to achieve net zero. With the advanced technologies of Heat Recovery Innovations, we can provide heat recovery solutions that allow you to get more energy.

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