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Fully custom, integrated, cost-effective recuperator system

Doubles Efficiency and Exceeds Performance — Year After Year

HRI has been producing a recuperator with a long and proven pedigree. It started in the late 1990s, when Ingersoll Rand (IR) was developing small gas turbines for several end markets.

The recuperator is a vital component of a small industrial gas turbine. When IR searched the heat exchanger market for a suitable solution, it found that existing designs came with too many compromises in price and performance. Instead, the Ingersoll Rand team decided to vertically integrate, design, and manufacture the recuperator in-house. 

In time, a small gas turbine OEM was spun out of Ingersoll Rand business — and HRI was spun out of that in 2023. HRI continues to produce the same tried and tested, fully integrated recuperator, which continues to excel in performance and efficiency.  

  • Direct mount
  • 89% effective design
  • Able to handle high heat with minimal pressure drop
total pressure drop
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inlet temp continuous
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custom solution
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Avoiding any compromises regarding performance would take a fully customized, integrated recuperator.

The requirements of this iteration of Ingersoll Rand’s power generation system were complex, and the unique technology of a gas turbine recuperator meant any solution had to be totally custom. The result remains a leading technology today.

The recuperator needed for a small industrial gas turbine had to be fully integrated into the system, with a direct mount to the turbine engine and internal combustion chamber. The system had to be able to handle cold starts, last for years, and operate under continuously high temperatures with minimal pressure drop. 

Project Specifications

1200ºF inlet temp continuous

Full integration with gas turbine package

4% total pressure drop

Gas to Gas

Direct mount to turbine engine and internal combustion chamber

The Solution

Peak efficiency, assured reliability, superior performance, long life. 

HRI has continued producing this proven recuperator system since its inception — and it continues to meet and exceed performance requirements. The recuperator core features durable 347SS plate material and 2025 NiB fin material. Additional material on the top and bottom of the core cells ensures adequate strength during cold starts, where thermal stress is greatest. 

The outer case is composed of a mixture of SS and galvanized steel panels, based on location and temperature resistance. Friction-reducing surfaces on the recuperator case allow the core to thermally grow and move during cold starts. The freedom of core movement ensures reliability, while also containing the hot exhaust gases to achieve peak efficiency.

Extensive internal quality control methods ensure that the products meet specifications, while design ensures that the projects meet or exceed performance goals. 

  • Completely custom and fully integrated solution
  • Array of materials for ultimate durability, including 347SS, 2025 NiB, as well as a mixed of SS and galvanized steel
  • Able to withstand multiple cold starts.
  • 5-10+ year lifespan depending on operating conditions
  • Rigorous testing and internal quality control

The Results

HRI’s custom-built design has logged millions of operating hours and set a new standard for performance

HRI’s design has over 9 million hours of operations in some of the most demanding applications all over the world: classified marine, tropical, high dust, high snow, -40°C, 50°C, high H2S, and flare gas applications.

The recuperator has also enabled the OEM’s gas turbine to meet stringent California Air Resources Board (CARB) requirements. HRI supports OEM and aftermarket recuperator demands.

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Customizable Product