Heat Recovery Innovations

HRI creates custom-designed gas heat recovery solution for global clean energy platform

HRI custom-designed a system that meets all of FuelCell Energy’s needs and overcomes its challenges of both space and pressure drop.

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FCE’s new system required heat recovery to reach its best-in-class efficiency

FuelCell Energy, a global leader in fuel cell technology, wanted a gas heat recovery solution that handled up to 1000F° Design Temperature, and from 5psig Design Pressure to ~3psig Operating Pressure.

The system had to be compact to fit space constraints, yet without substantial pressure drop.

Project Specifications

1000F° Design temperature

89% effectiveness

  • 5psig Design pressure
  • ~3psig Operating pressure

Gas to Gas Heat recovery

The Solution

Powerful efficiency, compact footprint, minimal pressure drop

HRI and FuelCell Energy began working together towards a heat exchanger solution early in the process, enabling HRI to offer the best guidance and support to meet their needs. HRI’s solution not only answered all the requirements, it had 89% effectiveness.

  • Custom manifolds and cores eliminate excess while enabling every parameter to be optimized
  • Custom flush ports and spray systems allow for fast and easy flushing during cleaning without needing to uninstall exchangers
  • Oxidation-resistant 310SS used on high-temperature areas protects from corrosion in extreme heat 
  • The heat exchangers featured full insultation with a touch-safe weather shell

The Results

Continuing, sustained success and cost efficiency

FCE’s system with HRI heat recovery has been operating at FuelCell Energy’s site for more than a year. They continue to meet all performance requirements regarding thermal and pressure drop, are simple to flush when cleaning is required, and have sustained no reported degradation since they came on line.

The FCE and HRI teams collaborated closely with this project given the unique requirements. The result was a compact set of 100% custom heat exchangers that provided high effectiveness with extremely low pressure drop. Special features like flush ports, fully insulated weather shell, and support structures represent the tremendous value HRI brings to each and every customer.

Mark Schnepel, CEO, HRI

The Future

FuelCell Energy is now collaborating with HRI on additional projects. 

Due to positive and sustained results, FuelCell Energy has brought in HRI for additional projects. Taking the same approach and getting the team involved in the early stages, the project goals can be integrated into the solution, effectively meeting FuelCell Energy’s needs as they head into the future.

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