Heat Recovery Innovations

Maximum effectiveness, minimal pressure enables increased performance expectations

HRI custom-designed a system that meets all of our Customer’s needs and overcomes its challenges of both space and pressure drop.

effectiveness with minimal pressure drop
0 %
psig design pressure
operating temperature
0 °F


Pressure drop requirement: less than 10″ W.C

The application required a 81% effectiveness while meeting the low pressure drop requirement. This is challenging for heat exchangers as you typically increase effectiveness at the expense of pressure drop. The design required custom manifolds to achieve a combination of Z flow on the cold side and L flow on hot side.

Project Specifications


HRI’s compact design was the only heat exchanger that would meet the space requirement

2 psig

Gas to gas

The Solution

Powerful efficiency, compact footprint, minimal pressure drop

One of the design requirements was that the fin in the heat exchanger would foul from the hot side flow. HRI designed and constructed the heat exchanger with two fin types (high performance and lower performance) to allow the customer to test the fouling rate in the lab.

  • HRI worked closely with the customer to determine the best solution.
  • HRI and the customer shared solid models and performance calculations back and forth to align and finalize the design.
  • This allowed HRI to optimize the performacne and allowed the customer to increase thier performacne expectations.

The Results

Continuing, sustained success and cost efficiency

The HRI solution allowed the customer to increase thier performance expectations.

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The Future

The customer reported they were extremely happy with HRI’s solution and support

Due to positive and sustained results, the customer has brought in HRI for additional projects. Taking the same approach and getting the team involved in the early stages, the project goals can be factored into highly customized packages, effectively meeting the customer’s needs as they head into the future.

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