Heat Recovery Innovations

Insights: Recuperators

Gas turbines, like many technologies, can benefit from heat recovery to improve performance, reduce fuel consumption, and drive down harmful emissions.

The team at HRI has decades of experience improving the efficiency of gas turbines.  HRI’s proven heat exchanger technology has been in operation for 25 years and has accumulated over 9 million hours of operation in Marine, Oilfield, Biogas, and CHP turbine applications.

The recuperators like the one below is made of 120 individual brazed cells that are robotically welded to form a single core.  The core is packaged in a special touch-safe case that seals in the hot exhaust gases but allows for thermal growth during start-up.  Each recuperator is capable of withstanding numerous “cold” starts every year, while achieving an 89% effectiveness with only a 4% total pressure drop. The innovative design features a built-in combustion system, eliminating additional components and cost.  HRI has designs to suit a wide range of high temperature heat recovery requirements. Follow on LinkedIn

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