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Navigating High-Temperature Applications: Tips from Our Team

Our team, with over 20 years in high-temperature heat exchangers, addresses industry misconceptions and emphasizes the need for custom solutions. Learn about thermal growth, pressure drop, and real-world success stories, ensuring your applications achieve optimal performance and efficiency.

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News: Carbon Capture Heat Exchanger Ships

A new heat exchanger design for a molten salt carbon capture application completed and ready for our customer Mantel Capture to integrate into their system. Designed to operate at a temperature of 800C (1472F) and a pressure of 5 bar (73 psi). An added challenge was the ability to be

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News: Heat Exchanger Ships

Another work of art rolls off the HRI production line. This fully custom heat exchanger assembly is destined for a high temperature fuel cell application, operating up to 1500F. Designed in collaboration with our customer, the assembly features two heat recovery cores integrated together with custom plumbing that optimizes performance

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