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Navigating High-Temperature Applications: Tips from Our Team

Our team, with over 20 years in high-temperature heat exchangers, addresses industry misconceptions and emphasizes the need for custom solutions. Learn about thermal growth, pressure drop, and real-world success stories, ensuring your applications achieve optimal performance and efficiency.

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Insights: Recuperators

Gas turbines, like many technologies, can benefit from heat recovery to improve performance, reduce fuel consumption, and drive down harmful emissions. The team at HRI has decades of experience improving the efficiency of gas turbines.  HRI’s proven heat exchanger technology has been in operation for 25 years and

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Insights: Solid Oxide Fuel Cells

Solid Oxide Fuel Cells and many other technologies require heat recovery to achieve the highest efficiency possible. The team at HRI believes a heat recovery system can be more than just the heat exchanger. We work with our customers to add value by integrating other critical, required components

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